InPlay Technologies Could Have a Trick or Two Up Its Sleeve

In late September 2021, Patent Forecast discovered a new patent application filed from an unknown assignee. The application related to technology that was able to predict and mitigate the risk of injury by utilizing AI and machine learning to analyze data from the athlete’s workload history. The document was assigned to Israel-based InPlay Technologies. Simply searching for the company provides limited information regarding the true identity of the company as it appears to have no website and no related press. If you look deeper into the name of the inventors though, the true identity of the company becomes apparent.

The two inventors, one listed having a residence in Palo Alto and the other in Israel, both appear to be co-founders of the California-based startup Zone7. According to its website, Zone7 is exactly what you would expect from the two founders’ patent application. It is a software platform that leverages AI and big data to help athlete’s avoid injury and mitigate injury severity. The company appears to be off to a solid start with its technology already being implemented in leagues worldwide and receiving a total of $10.5M in funding from athletes and VC firms alike including its most recent Series A round ending in July 2021 that secured $8M. Truly, there’s more that meets the eye here than what one would expect from the patent or market news individually.

While it is unknown why Zone7 is not assigning its patents and patent applications to its operations business, this is not the first time Patent Forecast has made note of this tactic. Stay up to date on the IP strategy of Zone7 and other sports analytics startups by following the Sports Analytics Patent Forecast®!