Apple Alarm Update

November 2021, Patent Forecast® mentioned the Apple patent application that was published in regards to an alarm that can adjust itself for more sleep. To no surprise, in December of 2021, Apple had another patent application publish for a scheduling device for customizable electronic notifications.  What does this have to do with the previous patent? Sleep alerts associated with an alarm can now be scheduled with one device (an iPhone) and the sleep data can then be collected from a second device (Apple Watch). This data can then determine which device can present the alarm/sleep alert. To summarize, a user can set their alarm on their phone and the phone can determine whether or not to sound the users’ alarm on their phone or watch, depending on data collected. It also can notify the user’s watch with the sleep alert, like what time to go to bed to get the optimal amount of hours.

This technology was exciting to see back in November, and proves that Apple is on its way to implementing it into an iOS update soon. There has been a large emphasis on sleep tracking in the Consumer Sleep Sector and Apple has begun to pave a new path. Not only can its technology track your sleep, it can now recommend habits and suggest ways to get better sleep. We now expect this update to roll out sooner rather than later. Apple is doing its best to cover the bases to protect this technology and is successfully doing so at a rapid rate. To follow this story, check out the Consumer Sleep Sector at Patent Forecast®!