Panasonic – Back at it Again with the Sleep Patents

Panasonic Corporation is a major Japanese company known for its consumer electronics of which it was the world’s largest maker in the late 20th century. The company had a patent publish in early December 2021 for a control method and device that pertains to sleep state and wake-up time. It seems as though it is creating a wearable device that aids in waking a user up. The sleeper will be stimulated by a stimulation device that increases stimulation to urge the sleeper awake. Seems useful for those of us who tend to sleep through our alarm.

Panasonic has 44 patent assets in the space, putting it in the top ten companies dominating the space. This is an ongoing trend for Panasonic as we covered another patent of theirs in February of this year. Those patents specifically covered wearables and sleep stage detection. It could be safe to assume that in the next year we could see a tangible product. Be sure to keep an eye out for recent developments on the Consumer Sleep sector at Patent Forecast®!