Can your Apple Watch Monitor Blood Pressure? No, but your Fitbit Might

Early December 2021, Fitbit had a patent publish regarding an intelligent inflatable cuff for arm-based blood pressure measurement. This device can estimate a users’ blood pressure using intelligent oscillometric blood pressure measurement techniques and can even determine the identity of the user. The device can also apply intelligent inflation techniques to improve user comfort and speed up measurements. Fitbit is one of the sector leaders with 229 assets in the space.

Could this mean Fitbit will integrate this tech into a wearable? Like an actual Fitbit watch? It doesn’t seem totally unrealistic. If Fitbit can find a way to integrate this technology into a wearable, it is setting itself way ahead of the pack. The technology to monitor heart rate in wearables was announced by Apple in 2014, which is fairly recent in regards to the technology. It’s not news that Apple and Fitbit are in a constant battle for the best wearable. Late November 2021, Patent Forecast® discussed Apple’s recent publication regarding sleep and alarm modifications. So, it’s no surprise that two weeks later, Fitbit released a new technology. We predict it could be a while before we see the technology implemented in any Fitbit wearable. However by patenting the technology, Fitbit is preventing Apple from doing it first. Keep your eyes out for news regarding Apple and Fitbit in the Consumer Sleep sector on Patent Forecast®!