Watch out for HIO Media

In mid-November, Hole-in-One (HIO) Media had its second patent application publish in the Sports Analytics Patent Forecast®. The application is a continuation of its previously granted application that relates to technology for displaying the flight of a golf ball through the air. This most recent application marks HIO Media’s third patent asset to show up in the sector since October 2020 which is some really good growth considering the company doesn’t even appear to have a website yet. However, this may be for a reason. 

The inventor of the HIO Media patents and patent applications is Kevin Imes of Austin, TX. Do a little research and you’ll quickly learn that this isn’t Kevin’s first venture, previously owning a smart thermostat company named Allure Energy that made a product said to rival that of Nest, Honeywell, and other smart thermostat producers. With competition always comes bad blood, but it didn’t stop at just market competition. Allure Energy also took it to the courts accusing both Honeywell and Nest of infringing patents protecting its product. 

While the results of the suits are unknown, the entrance of a player with such a litigation-rich history is definitely worth noting, especially considering the field they are trying to enter is definitely not empty. Could it be looking for another litigation-friendly entry? Stay up to date with HIO Media and its activity by following the Sports Analytics Patent Forecast®.