Simple Container Solutions Has Another Issued Patent and It’s BROAD 

Patent Forecast has mentioned Simple Container Solutions not once, not twice, but three times in 2021. In November 2021, Simple Container Solutions was issued another patent. The issued patent covers a cellulose-based insulation liner that expands from a sheet (as shown below).  Notably, this patent was issued with a fairly broad independent claim:

A recyclable expandable insulating liner comprising: a web of multilayer cellulose-based material configured to form a one-piece box shape when expanded, comprising four side panels and a bottom panel, wherein each side panel is connected to adjacent side panels and the bottom panel, and at least one of the side panels comprise an intra-panel connection line connecting two sections of the panel, and wherein two side panels comprise an intra-panel connection line and the two side panels are opposite one another.” 

Even better for Simple Container Solutions is that this application was issued after only one non-final rejection which indicated allowable subject matter from the initial filing. Simple Container Solutions has also filed a continuation application, which means it will continue to further expand its patent portfolio and have the opportunity to target any competitors attempting to enter the space. 

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