What Happened to Nextiles?

In a previous insight, Patent Forecast® highlighted the rapidly growing IP surrounding the innovative technology of Nextiles and commended the company for their patent-first approach, but what’s happened to them since? The company has been inactive in the Sports Analytics sector since April of 2020, with no applications or patents published after. Time and time again we see companies that secure their first few patents and then completely forget about their IP portfolio, losing the valuable priority date and strategy accompanying its early filing. While this is in no way a deal-breaker for Nextiles, it needs to ramp up its patent activity if it wants any chance of staying competitive in this busy IP landscape especially as it comes up with new and exciting applications and technology. Let this serve as a reminder to start-ups everywhere to not forget about patents! With the right strategy, they can become valuable assets vital to everything from fundraising to extra licensing revenue. Stay up to date with new and exciting start-ups by following the Sports Analytics Patent Forecast®!