For Sleep Tech, Keep an Eye on Estonia?

Estonia has been taking active steps to position itself as an attractive place for entrepreneurs to start their businesses. Tax policies, e-residencies, and digital infrastructure are all part of the country’s startup-friendly administrative conditions. Cryptocurrency and software-as-a-service companies have taken advantage of this environment. Now, Patent Forecast is highlighting another startup using patent data in Consumer Sleep. Marexa OÜ is a company located in Estonia that has filed two PCT applications, one of which entered the U.S. national stage and was published in November 2021. The application is directed to sleep monitoring using vibration sensors and a pad that lays atop a mattress. Marexa appears to be operating under the Sensowell brand, which it filed a trademark application for in 2019. The company’s products do resemble Apple’s Beddit sensors, which it acquired in 2017. However, the underlying functions may be distinct, as Marexa focuses on acoustic vibrations. Sleep monitoring using mattress devices is still a growing market, with no clear leader yet. If Marexa is able to secure patents and expand its portfolio, it may be one to watch in the future. Keep up with Patent Forecast® to stay up-to-date on new developments.