Lexaria Bioscience To Test Altria-Backed DehydraTECH™ on Animal Seizures

Lexaria Bioscience Corp. isn’t a stranger to Patent Forecast®. In fact, we’ve been watching Lexaria since the acquisition of PoViva Tea to leverage its patented DehydraTECH which improves the delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients. An Altria subsidiary, Altria Ventures, will invest $12 million into Lexaria Nicotine, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lexaria’s, to utilize Lexaria’s patented technology in its oral nicotine products. The money will be paid in $1 million increments and be used to fund research and development of the technology. As we know, patent investment leads market activity and it certainly is the case here. 

Now, Lexaria will put its DehydraTECH-CBD formulations to the test in a trial (EPI-A21-1) that will study its efficacy in treating seizures in animals against FDA approved Epidiolex® and general CBD products on the market. It’s a giant opportunity for Lexaria Bioscience to prove its technology and a step closer to FDA approval. GW Pharmaceuticals’ success with Epidiolex and patent portfolio protection ultimately led to its merger with Jazz Pharmaceuticals. Altria could be planning a full acquisition of Lexaria Nicotine or parent Lexaria Bioscience but it will be dependent on DehydraTECH’s success. 

Lexaria released results from a prior study (HYPER-H21-2) in September 2021 stating that DehydraTECH-CBD was able to safely lower blood pressure in people with hypertension up to 23% compared to placebo. Great news for Lexaria and investors like Altria Ventures. 

Lexaria Bioscience has been granted a total of 9 patents in the US and at least 10 pending applications under subsidiary PoViva Tea. Lexaria has formed subsidiaries focused on nicotine, cannabis, and hemp. It’s certainly a company to watch in the coming years. Sign up for the Cannabis Patent Forecast® to learn more about Lexaria Bioscience and to see how you can discover niche companies. Start your trial today!