Will Interaxon Act on Patent Portfolio?

Interaxon creates headbands that monitor brain activity via electroencephalogram (EEG) in order to provide meditation and sleep cues. The company announced in October 2021 that it was releasing an updated product with improved battery life and signal quality. While these features are important for commercial success, they aren’t part of Interaxon’s core technology. This isn’t surprising given Interaxon’s patent portfolio — its most recent publications and issued patents were filed in June of 2019. While the company has maintained prosecution on its open applications, it has not been active in patenting new matter that would indicate ongoing R&D. In fact, recent applications are actually moving away from sleep and towards general assessment of a wearer’s cognition and visual activity. Is Interaxon planning for a pivot? These technologies may be useful in the virtual reality space, where it would have many applications in addition to meditation. Keep up with Patent Forecast® to stay informed on Interaxon and other companies moving forward.