Welldoc is Expanding – The Patent Data Can Tell Us Where

Welldoc is a healthcare company that develops solutions for managing chronic diseases. Its chronic care management platform uses AI to track and implement healthcare plans tailored to specific conditions such as diabetes, heart failure, and hypertension. The company has developed a patent portfolio consisting of 24 patent assets in the AI Biotech Patent Forecast®. At first, its patents were very general teaching methods for predicting health conditions, managing diseases, and analyzing behavioral health. However, in 2021, 7 of Welldoc’s 8 patent assets were in the circulatory category of the AI Biotech Patent Forecast®. The patents were more specific than its previous publications, and included claims for a computer implemented method for managing blood glucose levels of a patient. This indicated that Welldoc noticed a lack of patents in this area and capitalized on the opportunity. These patents have been followed with the expansion of the company’s platform to help diabetic patients. Therefore, Welldoc started broad with its patents and now appears to be focusing on specific areas. We can predict what disease or area of health that the company may focus on next by analyzing white space in the sector. At initial glance, the cardiovascular, dermal, and activity categories in the sector have the most white space in the past 2-3 years. Welldoc has 2 patent assets in the activity area, showing that it may already have an interest in this part of the field. Since we know patent data predicts market data, it is very possible that nutrition and wellness will be Welldoc’s next focus for its healthcare platform.

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