Yokohama Tires – Coming to a Volkswagen Dealer Near You

In October 2021, Yokohama Rubber had two patents publish for a Pneumatic Tire. Yokohama is a Japanese-based tire company that has recently been working on TPMS systems via integrated tire sensors. It has 29 patents in the space dating back to 2001. So, while Yokohama isn’t a widely known name in the space, it has one of the oldest patent portfolios. This is presumably the reason behind Volkswagen of America’s most recent announcement that selected a Yokohama sports tire for the Atlas Cross Sport GT concept.

Yokohama seems excited about the opportunity to break into the American tire market. This is Yokohama’s opportunity and we expect it to take full advantage of the newfound market. The company has well-developed tires that are actually cheaper than the average tire. This could seem like the quality is also cheap, but the fact that the patent portfolio is so old contradicts that. We should expect to see Yokohama tires become more commonplace if this partnership proves to be lucrative.

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