Vericool Is Back With A New Target

Vericool was issued a patent for a recyclable stackable tray for cold wet materials in October  2021. This is Vericool’s FIRST issued patent for a compostable body for a wet material. The invention is targeted towards seafood. Surprisingly, Vericool does not currently have a similar product offered on its website. Additionally, the claims are relatively broad as they are directed more so to the structure of the container than the material.  This could be advantageous for Vericool as it provides further coverage that incorporates a specific material. 

Vericool’s invention is arguably similar to the eco-friendly IGLOO cooler mentioned in a previous insight.  This could be a sign that Vericool and IGLOO products are headed for a showdown as IGLOO Products has been expanding its patent portfolio. Vericool has been relatively quiet since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, with its only notable activity coming from being selected for Apple’s Impact Accelerator program. However, Vericool had 28 patent assets in the past 3 years while Igloo Products only had 4 patent assets. This huge difference could be the deciding factor between the two companies. 

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