SMT Re-Enters the Rink

In a previous insight, Patent Forecast® highlighted the rapid growth of SMT’s patent portfolio to capitalize on the white space that was once in the Telemetry Analytics subcategory and its exclusive contract for player and puck tracking in the NHL. In less positive news for the company, the pucks were pulled from the NHL season shortly after the start due to issues with how the pucks slid on the ice. The pulling of the pucks served as an important reminder to sports analytics companies everywhere that the high-tech aspect of sporting equipment isn’t the only thing that matters and it’s important to remember the performance of the puck in the design. 

According to an article from October 2021, it appears that SMT was able to design around this hurdle and is looking to return its high-tech puck to the ice for the 2021-2022 season. According to the NHL, the partnership is likely to have implications outside of simply gathering statistics, also finding applications is betting surrounding NHL games which could offer huge opportunities. While it doesn’t appear SMT has a patent or application published disclosing just how it designed around this hurdle, if it follows its current strategy, it’ll likely have a patent publish soon surrounding the technology. 

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