Patents Predict: LG Moving into Smart Beds

LG Electronics had five patent applications publish in October 2021 for a bed with a built-in dryer system. The applications detail two purposes for these features — first, dry mattresses and bedding are more hygienic. Second, the system can be used to evenly distribute hot or cold air in order to reach a desired temperature and humidity. LG’s previous patent applications for sensor-equipped mats that can analyze sleep behavior may complement these new filings for a true smart bed system. Temperature control of mattresses is a valuable technology, as evidenced by the number of patents in the space. The size of the sector begs the question — is LG joining the race too late? It may find itself boxed out by mattress providers unless it can utilize its strengths in sensors and consumer electronics for a more innovative approach. Keep up with developments as LG pursues these new technologies with the Consumer Sleep Patent Forecast®.