Here’s What the Latest Nicoventures Vape Patent Applications Tell Us

In late September 2021, Patent Forecast discussed Nicoventures’ current patent activity and what could be expected of the company in the cannabis space. On September 30, 2021, five more patent applications relating to vape devices were published, giving a little more detail into the company’s focus. Because patent investment always leads market activity, we can get an idea of what Nicoventures has on its agenda for the cannabis sector. 

All of the newly published applications have broadly written claims for an aerosol device for “amorphous solids.” The focus is clearly around tobacco and tobacco-less nicotine applications but each mentions cannabis as a potential substance. Two of the five applications are heat-not-burn devices traditionally used on cigarettes. Nicoventures still has only one application for a vape device specifically for cannabinoids. As highlighted in a previous insight, Nicoventures is most active in filing patent applications for oral pouches containing cannabinoids. Will dips and chews entail Nicoventures’ cannabis presence? 

The patent data points to dips and chews. Future trademarks from Nicoventures or its parent British American Tobacco could give more insight into their future plans and offerings in the cannabis market.


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