tZero Opening to Crypto

Digital securities platform tZero announced in October 2021 that it was opening its accounts to Bitcoin and Ethereum. Users can now transfer cryptocurrency from third-party wallets and/or custodial accounts, which is useful as decentralized finance (DeFi) continues to grow. While tZero’s previous commercial activity focused on implementing blockchain for trading digital securities, the company was filing patents for cryptocurrency integration as early as 2016. A recent continuation from June 2020 includes a platform for using market data to determine a real-time price for cryptocurrency and enabling asset transactions using that cryptocurrency. tZero is well-positioned for a securities platform, with a number of patent assets in cryptography as well as payment architectures. These documents give tZero a better chance at exclusivity, especially as many crypto/blockchain finance companies are not pursuing patents aggressively. We predict that tZero’s portfolio will give it an advantage in the future as it continues to expand into other types of assets and currencies. Follow the Cryptocurrency Patent Forecast® for the latest developments.