StrongNode Brings Open Source Software to Edge Computing, But No Patents

StrongNode is a unique startup in the increasingly competitive edge computing space. Co-founded by Daniel Saito, a former executive of MySQL who was part of their $1b exit to Sun Microsystems, StrongNode offers Node Infrastructure-as-a-service that aims to optimize idle resources and utilize edge computing. Saito and the entire company are taking the same open source software approach that aided MySQL’s massive success, offering a decentralized, open source, and more affordable super computing alternative to companies like Amazon.

While StrongNode doesn’t hold any published or issued patent assets, its dedication to open source software and ambition roadmap for the next year that includes targeting everything from NFTs, eSports, and smart contracts could make it an interesting startup to watch. The executives at StrongNode also have connections to both Red Hat and Theta Labs who both already have an established presence in the edge computing sector. It will be interesting to see if StrongNode can leverage these former connections for partnerships, especially given the aligned interests of Red Hat and StrongNode in the open source industry.

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