Is Nicoventures Ditching Cannabis Vape Devices?

British American Tobacco’s (BAT) tobacco-alternatives company Nicoventures had three vape patent applications publish in September 2021. In July 2019, Nicoventures began its pursuit of cannabis patents for vape devices but quickly shifted focus to oral pouches in September of 2019. As of the end of September 2021, Nicoventures has not had a single patent granted relating to cannabis but owns 53 patent assets, with over 40 dealing with oral pouch compositions. Is Nicoventures giving up on vapes for cannabis? 

Looking at the current focus of patent filings for the last year, Nicoventures seems to have significantly slowed its pursuit of cannabis vape patents. Patent applications filed and published throughout 2021 all point to cannabinoid-containing oral pouches. Nicoventures owns 6 patent applications for vape devices which mention cannabis, but only one application claims use of cannabinoids in an aerosol generating device. This application has a pending continuation application that is not yet published as of September 2021, but upon publication we can get an idea on how interested in vapes Nicoventures is. 

Given BAT’s subsidiaries histories with vape patent litigation, it comes as little surprise that it would have Nicoventures focus its efforts elsewhere. Cannabinoid-containing oral pouches is an untapped area in cannabis that Nicoventures is attempting to seal the deal on. Stay updated with key players in the cannabis industry by using the Cannabis Patent Forecasts®. See how they can assist you today!