WIN Reality Raises Debt Funding but How Is It Protecting Its IP?

Since its founding in December 2018, VR baseball and softball training company, WIN Reality, has taken the baseball and softball training industry by storm, already being implemented by professional and collegiate programs nationwide. The success for WIN hasn’t stopped there though, securing $3.75M in debt financing in September 2021. While the market seems to be excited about the prospects of WIN, what exactly does the IP say? WIN Reality has been assigned a total six (6) patent assets, three (3) published applications and three (3) issued patents. The company also has maintained a continuation practice, allowing them access to its earliest priority date. This could be vital to WIN Reality’s business as large, cash-strapped companies like Facebook and Google continue to enter the VR technology space. However, the company does seem to have a fairly narrow breadth of patents, only filing within one family all in the Training and Coaching subcategory. While the portfolio is strong, the choice of raising funds through debt financing is interesting for this technology space and a company this young. It likely shows the company is experiencing high rates of growth or only needs capital for short-term financing which could represent both an opportunity and a risk for the company’s long-term success. While WIN Reality is still in its early phases of growth, through proper IP and business management the company’s future is likely promising. Stay up to date with WIN Reality and other innovative sports companies by following the Sports Analytics Patent Forecast!