Velodyne LiDAR Now in UAVs

Late September 2021, Velodyne LiDAR, Inc. signed a multi-year agreement to provide sensors to TOPODRONE. TOPODRONE is a Swiss-based company that produces aerial surveys. Velodyne’s sensors are top of the line and will enable TOPDRONE to provide 3D modeling and mapping in a more precise way. Together, the companies will begin to tackle the geospatial community in more intricate ways than before.

Should we expect to see Velodyne more in the UAV space? Most likely. LiDAR sensors can be used in a variety of ways, we mainly see them in autonomous vehicles, but the UAV market is using more and more LiDAR every day. The sensors allow drones to get highly precise images of landscapes and terrain that is usually remote and difficult to get to.

Velodyne has 58 patent assets in the LiDAR space. As one of the leaders of the LiDAR market, Velodyne has continued to broaden its clients to multiple areas of interest. This is smart as Velodyne’s competitors will have a more difficult time broadening their focus due to Velodyne already in the space. TOPODRONE is a smaller UAV company that competes with major UAV companies like DJI. By working with Velodyne, TOPODRONE is increasing its chances of becoming a major competitor in the UAV space. We should expect to see more from TOPODRONE in the UAV space and potentially LiDAR space as Velodyne continues to patent and expand its portfolio and customer base.

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