Theator’s Intelligence Platform – A New Aspect of AI’s Future in Surgery

Theator Inc. is a startup company with a surgical intelligence platform that leverages AI and computer vision to analyze key moments of surgical procedures. The platform intelligently curates moments from surgeries for surgeons to review and learn from. It also provides surgeons with a full report after performing a surgery so that they can continuously improve their skills. Finally, the platform provides hospital departments with analysis of all procedures to help identify where additional surgical training may be needed. 

Patent Forecasted highlighted Theator in an insight in 2020 when its patent portfolio jumped from 1 to 8 published applications in one week. Since then, its portfolio has grown to 13 patent assets with 3 granted patents, and as of February 2021 the company was working with just over a dozen medical centers and accumulated over 80,000 helpful intraoperative moments for surgeons to review. Additionally, in July 2021 Theator announced its collaboration with Mayo Clinic to expand the capability of its surgical platform to procedures relating to urology and gynecology. 

Patent Forecast has demonstrated in insights relating to orthopedic surgery and leading medical device company Stryker that AI is the future of surgery. Furthermore, Stryker acquired Gauss Surgical in September 2021, which is a company known for its AI surgical platform that monitors blood loss during surgery. Since patent data precedes market data, and we know that the major leaders such as Stryker are interested in the technology, it is likely that Theator will be acquired. Medtronic and J&J are feasible contenders since both are major leaders in the AI Biotech Patent Forecast® sector and have a focus on robotic surgery and surgical devices.

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