This Area of Hydroponic Plant Fertilizer is Lacking

The Patent Radian®, included with every Patent Forecast®, is an interactive visual that has been used to predict M&A activity, locate disruptors and sector dominators, as well as discover areas untapped. We previously highlighted the opportunities that lie within hydroponic pest management utilizing microbes like bacteria and fungi, and now will bring light to the plant fertilizer and nutrition area left wide open for the taking.

When compared to traditional chemical and organic fertilizers, the use of microbial additives just isn’t as common of a practice for enhancing the health of plants. Just look at the amount of filings in microbial additives – it is less than one third of the amount of filings for traditional plant fertilizers. Microbes often rely on properties found in soil to thrive which can be more difficult to replicate in hydroponic systems but there have been some that have found ways to do it. The most prevalent assignee in the space with 5 total patents is Biodiscovery New Zealand. BioDiscovery New Zealand was able to secure funding quickly and began a parent company BioConsortia who has been able to raise over $50 million to grow research and development and establish a global footprint in California. As of 2020, BioConsortia’s products are still in development and trial and in February 2021 expanded its R&D efforts. Hydroponics fertilizers in general have taken a falling off in patent filings when compared to other spaces within hydroponics. There is room for capitalization here and it could be BioConsortia’s to take if it continues to secure patent assets for its developments. 

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