Coconut the Next Wave of Insulation?

A new startup that goes by Nutshell Coolers is currently raising funding for a cooler made from COCONUT SHELLS! Like many startups, the coolers were designed to address a problem, in this case, to help Filipino fishermen. The startup has raised over $150,000 during its Kickstarter campaign which is well over its initial $30,000 goal. Nutshell Coolers is working under Fortuna Cools, a Philippines-based agritech company. Nutshell currently offers coolers that are foldable in addition to including coconut. Although the product appears to be unique, Nutshell currently has a problem that many startups do: lack of intellectual property. 

Nutshell Coolers and Fortuna Cools do not have patents so they are currently leaving themselves vulnerable. Although it appears to be the only coconut-based cooler on the market, it should quickly file for patent protection if it hasn’t already. Vericool, a compostable cooler company, already has 27 documents in the past 3 years in the Biodegradable Packaging Patent Forecast®. Although, Vericool only has 3 patent documents in 2021, so that may be a sign the company is slowing down its IP portfolio development and is focusing on its market activity. 

Whether Vericool continues to be active or not, Nutshell Coolers should proceed with obtaining patent protection to gain exclusivity rights in the market and potentially increase its value for future funding rounds. 

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