Where Should Supermoon Invest Next?

Supermoon Capital is a new venture capital fund focusing solely on sleep technology. The fund is looking to invest in startups through pre-seed and Series A rounds and has raised $36M so far. Supermoon’s existing portfolio includes SleepScore Labs, which validates and endorses sleep products, and FreshBed, a smart bed manufacturer. The fund is particularly interested in sleep technology that uses clinical data or insights for optimal results. 

Patent data is one way that a fund can decide where to invest, and the Patent Forecast® can help us find potential targets that haven’t received too much attention yet. Awarables has two patent assets for its clinical-grade biometric sensing and analysis. Somatix, which also has two patent assets, uses artificial intelligence for remote monitoring, which fits Supermoon’s interest in medically proven solutions. Night Train, a Finnish company, focuses on biosignal analysis for a variety of hardware implementations, including wearables. Each of these companies would fit with Supermoon’s existing portfolio. Keep up with Patent Forecast® to stay informed about the patent landscape and anticipate future investment activity.