Revolutionary Advancements in Portable Ultrasound – The Patent Data Told us First

In recent years ultrasound has become increasingly portable, easy to use, and cost-efficient. It is also safer than other medical imaging modalities because it does not expose patients to ionizing radiation, and it can be used to diagnose a wide range of conditions. Therefore, as we have seen in various aspects of health and technology, AI is the key to further improving this vital diagnostic tool. 

Two companies implementing AI in ultrasound systems are Echonous and Butterfly Network. Echonous currently has 6 patent assets in the AI Biotech Patent Forecast®  while Butterfly Network has 2. Echonous’s most recent patent, issued December 2020, teaches a system for fusing ultrasound signals with biosignals, such as EKG, and using AI to analyze the signals and make a diagnosis. Butterfly Network was issued a patent in August 2020 for an augmented reality interface to assist users when operating ultrasound devices. 

Since patent data precedes market data, it is no surprise that these companies have grown quickly and come out with state-of-the-art ultrasound platforms. In August 2021, Butterfly Network teamed up with Caption Health to use Caption Health’s AI solutions to further improve its ultrasound devices, making them easy to use even with little medical training. Butterfly Network also came out with IQ+, which is the first ever single-probe, whole-body ultrasound system.  In the same month, Echonous was issued FDA approval for its Lexsa probe. This is the third hand-held scanner in Kosmos, its artificial-intelligence-powered imaging platform, and is able to generate images of the lungs, vasculature, and musculoskeletal system with better quality than current, more expensive systems. 

To keep an eye on Echonous, Butterfly Network, and other companies improving medical imaging with AI check out the AI Biotech Patent Forecast®!