Opportunities Lie Where Disney Is Lacking

Disney has been a longtime leader in the Sports Analytics Patent Forecast® with years of patent activity devoted to both Data Analytics and Data Application. However, its lead might not last much longer if it continues the level of patent activity it has demonstrated throughout most of 2021. As of September 2021, the company has only had one application publish during 2021 at the very beginning of the calendar year. This lapse shows that Disney has substantially decreased the rate at which it’s filing applications and continuations of previously allowed applications. While it is possible Disney is filing patent applications accompanied with non-publication requests, this would still represent a major shift in strategy from previous years where it has typically had five (5) or more applications publish per year.

Meanwhile, companies hot on Disney’s heels for top assignee in the sector have had more patent applications publish in 2021 than in previous years. For example, SMT has demonstrated more activity this year than in the past five years with nine (9) applications publishing as of September 2021. Other top companies either increasing or maintaining patent activity this year include Stats Perform and Second Spectrum, which is now a subsidiary of Genius Sports. While there is no way of knowing what is causing this decrease in patent activity for Disney, it needs to hurry up and resume patenting if it wants to remain the top assignee.

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