Fox Corp Taps Eluvio for Blockchain Tech — Who Else is in the Running?

Eluvio is a blockchain platform provider specializing in handling digital media, from creation and ownership to distribution. The startup has two issued patents for its decentralized media distribution network, which includes a partitioned node architecture. In September 2021, Eluvio raised $100M in Series A funding, with contribution from Fox Corp. Fox launched Blockchain Creative Labs in June of 2021 to develop a marketplace for NFTs and other digital assets related to Fox shows and franchises and has tapped Eluvio to provide the underlying technology for the initiative. Now that Fox has secured a platform, will other broadcasting studios follow suit?

If so, patent data points to a few companies of interest and in the day and age of patent activity leading market activity, it cannot go unnoticed. Theta Labs, which has raised $113M in funding since 2017, has developed a blockchain network for content delivery, including live streaming. Theta also has a patent for NFT digital rights management, which is a market that Blockchain Creative Labs is interested in but which is not covered in Eluvio’s patents. Monegraph, which partnered with Christie’s auction house in May of 2021 to provide blockchain-based rights management for auctioned NFTs, has six patent assets for digital content rights and an online marketplace. Theta Labs and Monegraph have recognized the potential for an NFT platform integrated with digital media, and their patent portfolios make them strong targets for partnerships with Fox or its competitors in the broadcast and streaming space. Keep up with Patent Forecast® to stay up-to-date on industry developments.