The Race to Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring – A New Competitor

In July 2021, Patent Forecast provided an overview of glucose monitoring and the major players racing to successfully monitor glucose with non-invasive methods. This week a new player entered this race with a patent application assigned to Anexa Labs, a health technology company located in Silicon Valley that develops microsensors and medical-grade wearable devices. The company also uses AI and cloud technology to analyze and interpret data from its wearable devices in real-time. 

The patent application teaches a system for ECG and Bioimpedance based Glucose Monitoring. Additionally, the patent application states that the ECG and bioimpedance data is acquired from a wearable device and then processed to obtain a glucose level. Anexa does not have any products on its website at this time, but is looking for partnerships with healthcare or wearable device companies. 

As highlighted in the previous insight, Dexcom is by far the most prominent company in the glucose monitoring arena and is working to make its products less invasive. Since Anexa currently markets its solutions to doctors, researchers, and patients, Dexcom would be its ideal partner. However, because Apple may already be capable of noninvasive glucose monitoring thanks to its partnership with Rockley Photonics, Samsung or Fitbit may look to partner or acquire Anexa to stay competitive. 

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