Spotify Will Help You Sleep

Music streaming service Spotify has long used user data to power personalized playlists and recommendations, which increases user loyalty to the app and opens the company up for partnership deals and royalties. If you’re anticipating Spotify’s next move, Patent Forecast may have the answer — sleep enhancement. Spotify was granted a patent in September 2021 for modifying songs to promote sleep based on biometric data. The patent describes detecting a user’s heart rate and adjusting the song by mixing in a binaural beat or changing the tempo in order to help the user fall asleep. The method supports different modes, including power naps and meditation. 

Interestingly, the patent includes a device for monitoring biometrics, which could be a wearable or a mobile device. These claims mean that the feature could be easily integrated into smartwatches from big tech companies. Another option that the company could explore is smart earbuds. Bose and Samsung have patents for earbuds that include biometric sensors. Kokoon, a British start-up, raised $300K on Kickstarter for earbuds that are capable of pulse plethysmography. While Spotify’s acquisitions have almost exclusively focused on data analytics and podcasting, hardware may present a partnership opportunity for the company to continue growing its reach. Either way, we expect that these new features will be rolled out now that the patent has been issued. Be the first to know what’s coming in the busy market of consumer sleep with Patent Forecast®.