ScottsMiracle-Gro Purchases Rhizoflora for its Patent Assets

Shortly after ScottsMiracle-Gro announced its cannabis investing plans, it announced it would be acquiring the Terpinator® and Purpinator® brands owned by Rhizoflora. What sets Rhizoflora apart from its competitors? Patent assets. 

Even if it’s just two patents, Rhizoflora has secured patents for the Terpinator cannabis fertilizer which grants it rights to exclude others from doing the same and provides SMG with a monetization platform. On top of that, Rhizoflora has employed an open continuation patenting practice which bolsters opportunities for claiming more aspects of the invention. These reasons likely led to SMG’s acquisition of these Rhizoflora assets. It appears that SMG is continuing to involve itself in aspects of the cannabis industry that don’t actually deal with touching cannabis, like providing the products to grow cannabis. Following that pattern, SMG could set its sights on other similar businesses in cannabis such as technologies for drying and curing cannabis for consumption.  

SMG is moving quickly within the hydroponics and cannabis industries. Stay tuned by signing up for the Hydroponics Patent Forecast®