Save the Turtles One 6-Pack at a Time

For years, the majority of news for biodegradable six-pack rings belonged to ep6r. But recently Alzamora Group has made some progress with its biodegradable LatCub solution.

Patent Forecast highlighted ep6r and its success back in 2019. Although Ep6r and Alzamora Group are successful today, neither has an issued patent. 

This opening in patent activity could be Illinois Tool Works’ chance to secure itself a position in the six-pack ring market. Its recent patent application was filed in February 2021 and only claims priority to a provisional from February 2020. If Illinois Tool Works is successful in its attempt to obtain a patent for its biodegradable multi-pack carriers, then it has ample opportunity to capture a portion of the market. It already offers biodegradable rings with Hi-Cone and is committed to using RingCycles™ to reduce the environmental impact of packaging rings. 

Illinois Tool Works doesn’t appear to have the market success that ep6r currently has, but Ilinois may be in a better position to obtain a patent, thereby having an exclusionary right to future competitors in the market. Stay up to date with the Biodegradable Packaging Patent Forecast® to see who comes out on top.