Whoop Grows Funding, Continues to Develop Sleep Tech

Wearables company Whoop had a patent application publish in August 2021 for tracking and managing sleep cycles by combining biometric data with calendar data. The application shows that the company is continuing to advance its sleep technology, specifically to help with travel and jetlag. These metrics are important for a few key demographics: professional athletes, and working professionals. Whoop has marketed itself as a key product for improving athletic performance, partnering with the NFL in August 2020. Studies have shown that fatigue over a season can impact athletes’ performance, and Whoop tries to remedy that with tracking and scheduling for exercise and rest. Businesspeople also travel frequently and have to work under variable sleep conditions, and Whoop’s application provides potential solutions to help a user adjust to a new time zone.

In August 2021, Whoop raised $200M in Series F funding led by Softbank. Whoop understands its audiences, providing specific solutions for various sectors including defense, business, healthcare, and athletics. Its patent application shows that it is able to target specific groups with its technologies, and it is paying off. Keep up with how the company develops its portfolio with Patent Forecast®.