Stats Perform Moves Into Cricket, Bowling Over Competitors

Stats Perform is primarily known for its role as a data provider to professional sports leagues worldwide, but recently has appeared to diversify its revenue streams and become a leader in AI-powered analytics. Its two biggest sports data competitors, Genius Sports and Sportradar have already had a fairly successful SPAC merger and are preparing for an IPO, respectively, but are investors betting on the wrong horse? 

While Stats Perform is still owned entirely by Vista Equity Partners, speculations about its entrance into the public market are well-backed. With its long investment in AI-backed models, as well as its broadcasting solutions and data-providing capabilities, Stats Perform has set itself to be a powerhouse in the sports data market. But, possibly most importantly, the company has also managed to secure a strong patent positioning in comparison to its two strongest competitors and the portfolio is still growing.

With a patent application published in August of 2021, it also appears that Stats Perform is looking to enter a new market that seems to be neglected by its competitors. The application details a method of using AI to determine shot types in a cricket match. This appears to be the first sign that Stats Perform is looking to implement its AI technology into cricket and would be the first of the three previously mentioned major sports data providers to do so. Its most recently published application also grows its portfolio to 48 patent assets. This portfolio is significantly larger than both Genius Sports and Sportradar, both of which have neglected their patent portfolios for some time now, but may be noticing Stats Perform pulling ahead. To try to catch up, Genius Sports has already acquired Second Spectrum, one of the top assignees in the Image/Video Analytics and Broadcast Enhancement subcategories but whose patents are most not sport-specific, in May 2021 which will likely add patent assets rooted in AI technology to its repertoire, but even after the acquisition it still lags heftily behind Stats Perform. 

With Sportradar preparing for an IPO, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see it try to follow suit and acquire a company to compete in the patent space after the influx of funding from a public offering. Possible targets to compete with the positioning of Genius Sports and Stats Perform could be Pixellot or Trackman as both companies are placed in subcategories in which Genius Sports and Stats Perform have shown interest.

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