Smart Cannabis Dosing through Meta Analysis

One of the biggest drawbacks to medicinal cannabis use is knowing how much to use. Do you take one puff, two, or smoke until you’re married to your furniture with your thoughts heading into the abyss? That’s what many studies seek to learn. Each medical condition being treated reacts differently to varying amounts of cannabinoids. Advancements in genetic biotechnology and plant breeding have birthed cannabis plants with cannabinoid profiles and genetics not found in nature. With so many variables in cannabis use, how can data be captured and studied for making strides in medicinal cannabis therapeutics? The vaping community has the answer. 

According to various studies, cannabis vaping is on the rise as the second most popular form of consumption after smoking flower. People are turning to electronic devices for their cannabis use which provides a platform for a lucrative venture: data mining and analysis. That alone should be ringing the bells in the cannabis industry! Some companies are already ahead of the competition having secured patent assets for this application. 

Most notable is Pax Labs. Pax has developed a web and mobile device app that connects with Pax vaporizers and allows for controlled dosing and use tracking. This is most accurate with liquid cannabis compositions that have had cannabinoid profiles analyzed. Every puff can have its dose accurately checked and tracked so that a user can discover what works best for them and their application. Valuable data capture with every inhale and IP protection, a beautiful combination. 

Multiply this use across many vape platforms and you naturally create an information-rich environment ready to be unlocked through meta analysis. Pax’s spinout Juul Labs is also actively developing connected vaporizer systems among many more companies. Soon, we’ll have the answers to cannabis dosing for various treatment cases with a more personalized approach. Explore the quickly developing space of cannabis vaporizer devices using the Cannabis Patent Forecast®.