Why Is a Telecommunications Company Entering the Sports Analytics Sector?

With companies large and small trying to get involved in the rapidly growing sports analytics market, it is no surprise to see companies filing for patents that one would not expect to see in the sector. However, a specific group of companies seems to be more interested in entering the space than others: telecommunications companies. With both AT&T and Verizon showing significant patent investment over the past two years, the two largest US-based telecommunication companies are off to an early lead in comparison to their competitors, but almost all of their activity is based in the Broadcast Enhancement subcategory which could leave them open to competition outside of the subcategory, and it looks like Ericsson might have noticed.

The Sweden-based company has begun filing for patents within the Sports Analytics Patent Forecast® over a wide range of subcategories including Telemetry Analytics, Image & Video Analytics, Events, and Training & Coaching. All of these subcategories have seen a lack of interest by other large telecommunications companies, allowing Ericsson to leverage its resources and expertise  in a unique way. While the company is yet to publicize a marketed product or solution relating to sports, it was granted its first patent in August 2021, so commercialization is likely in the imminent future. 

While the path Ericsson plans to take within the sector is not yet clear, its recent patent activity almost ensures that market activity will soon follow suit. Also, considering the prolific portfolios Ericsson has amassed in other sectors, it is likely that it will continue filing to build onto its early success. Stay up to date with Ericsson and other companies entering the space by following the Sports Analytics Patent Forecast®