Samsung Updates Watch — No Surprise to Patent Forecast

After partnering with Google to jointly develop a wearables operating system, Samsung has released its latest smartwatch, which uses the new OS and which has updates to sleep tracking and other health-related functionalities. One of the features is snoring detection and analysis to understand a user’s snoring patterns and how they relate to sleep. This product is one of the first wearables that can detect snoring, but it’s not a surprise to Patent Forecast. We reported in April 2020 that Samsung had filed a patent for snoring detection, specifically for use in a smartwatch. While a lot of buzz has been focused on Fitbit for its June 2020 patent filing targeting similar snoring functionality, Samsung seems to have pulled ahead with its issued patent. Keeping track of patent data is a great way to anticipate new products before they hit the market. Be the first to know with Patent Forecast®.