AI is the Future of Orthopaedic Surgery

Orthopaedic surgeries require substantial force to properly insert an implant for a patient. Some orthopaedic surgeries require a surgeon to hammer an implant to align in with a patient’s autonomy. One problem with this is that surgeons generally rely on environmental feedback such as tactile sensations during the hammering.

DePuy Syntheses appears to be working to address issues with the surgeon relying on environmental feedback. DePuy’s patent publication in August 2021 incorporates machine learning with sensor data during orthopaedic surgery to monitor and predict the impact on a patient. DePuy doesn’t have any products on the market that appear to cover the material disclosed in the patent application. Additionally, none of the other major players in the space appear to have similar patent assets. Even the patent applications on the invention disclosure sheet (IDS) for DePuy’s patent application don’t appear similar and they fail to recite artificial intelligence uses. 

Patent data precedes market activity so it’ll come as no surprise when DePuy comes out with a product related to this patent application. This technology has potential for DePuy to position itself ahead of its competitors. Check out the AI Biotech Patent Forecast® to see what other technology DePuy is developing and if other companies are following close behind.