When Will Casper Pivot to Temperature Control?

Casper, the direct-to-consumer bedding company that had a rocky IPO in 2020, is reporting strong numbers for Q2 2021, including 45% increased revenue year over year and retail partnership revenue growth of 79%. Casper is continuing to build its brick and mortar presence with a new partnership with Bed Bath & Beyond, announced in July 2021. The partnership establishes Casper’s first store-within-a-store for increased customer reach and conversion. Casper executives reported in August 2021 that temperature control was an important focus moving forward and hoped that it would be a differentiator for Casper products. Thus far, Casper is using cooling materials, such as graphite layers and woven structures, to absorb moisture and reduce thermal insulation in its bedding. The company has not yet ventured into active heating or cooling, but it does have two patent applications for a temperature-regulating mattress that would utilize airboxes to heat and cool zones on a mattress. Of course, temperature regulation in bedding is not a new field, and companies like Sleep Number and BedJet also use air to control the temperature of their mattresses. If Casper is serious about pursuing temperature control, it will need patent protection, especially given recent and potential litigation in the industry. Otherwise, it may see a reversal of its recent fortunes. Keep up with Patent Forecast® to know who is best positioned for success in Consumer Sleep.