We Called It – Fitbit partners with LifeScan

The announcement of Fitbit’s partnership with LifeScan comes not even two weeks after Patent Forecast® predicted that smartwatch device leaders such as Fitbit, Apple, and Samsung would need to be part of future partnerships to compete with Dexcom.

The partnership will allow Fitbit to integrate its health tracking apps with LifeScan’s glucose monitoring device. The goal is to help patients with diabetes management by connecting OneTouch blood glucose monitoring data with Fitbit tools and insights. At first glance, it may appear that Fitbit and Lifescan are susceptible to Dexcom and its massive 48 patent assets in the AI Biotech Patent Forecast®. However, Lifescan has issued patents from the early 2000s relating to monitoring blood glucose values. Unfortunately, these patents expire in the next couple of years and it does not appear that Lifescan has a continuation practice nor any filings in the past 10 years relating to artificial intelligence and glucose monitoring.  

Therefore, LifeScan and Fitbit may enjoy some exclusivity for a short period of time, however they will need either new patent assets or look to partner with Dexcom to continue developing their products.

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