Swarmio Reduces Lag, Fast Tracks First Patent

Swarmio Media is a small startup in Canada that develops eSports monetization solutions and cloud-based computing platforms. Swarmio is still in the early stages as a company with only 40 employees and around $85k in revenue in 2020, but that revenue has been prioritized for pursuing a patent portfolio on its technology. After filing a fast-track application in November of 2020, just 8 months later in July of 2021 it was issued its first patent in the edge computing sector. The expedited patent prosecution also lends itself to the strength of Swarmio’s claims in an industry that has become much more active in the past few years. 

Swarmio most recently raised $5 million dollars through a reverse listing on the CSE and given its focus on intellectual property protection with limited revenue, it is reasonable to expect with the new funding that this issuance will be the first of multiple filings. The Platform Non-Blockchain category has seen strong activity for multiple years, but Swarmio benefits from being focused on eSports where there is far less activity in edge computing and the fast issuance of its first patent is a promising start. 

It is also notable that Swarmio’s patent (US Patent No. 11,063,881) focuses on the reduction of network delay through local distance estimation, something that could be utilized in multiple applications outside of eSports. It will be worth watching to see if Swarmio attracts any partners in the space who aren’t invested in eSports but want to license Swarmio’s technology. One possible connection would be Netflix who recently announced their interest in adding game streaming to their service. Netflix currently only has two patent assets in the space so they will need to build or buy a portfolio in edge computing to keep up with the latest tech. To keep up with all the new startups in the space and latest patent trends, check out the Edge Computing Patent Forecast®!