Stats Perform Uses AI to Outperform Competition

If there is one thing Stats Perform has become a leader in since its inception, it’s the applications of AI in sports analytics. The company hosts a full suite of solutions in fields such as broadcasting and data collection. According to a patent application in August 2021, it appears Stats Perform might be using its expertise in AI to enter a new and exciting market.

In a previous insight, Patent Forecast® highlighted the huge impact that the analytics revolution could have on sports recruiting following the COVID pandemic. With new tech starting to enter the market, it appears the opportunity for growth in this application could have attracted the attention of Stats Perform, with the application detailing specific applications to basketball recruiting. The technology, if commercialized, would be able to determine the roles and archetypes of players on the court through an unsupervised AI algorithm, based on positions of players on the court and videos of their playstyles. 

This sort of tech could revolutionize the recruiting process, allowing for information on athletes to be gathered in a more equitable and accessible way considering it does not require as much hardware as other solutions giving access to detailed statistics to athletes who may not have had access before. It also would benefit coaches and fans alike by offering more data to ensure they are recruiting the best athletes for their program. The only other company with similar technology is Disney. However, from what is disclosed in the patent, it appears the technology Stats Perform is pursuing would have more functionality and applicability in the recruiting process as Disney’s technology seems to stop at the assigning of a role to the player. Stay up to date with emerging tech in Sports Analytics by following the Sports Analytics Patent Forecast®