TIPA and Amcor Give Off a Warning Shot

Amcor has partnered with TIPA to manufacture compostable packaging in Australia and New Zealand. Patent Forecast highlighted Amcor in October 2020 for its patent publication relating to Encore. Interestingly, during September 2020, Amcor announced the development of the world’s first recyclable retort flexible packaging, which is directed to creating a pouch for products with a long shelf life that require high-barrier, high-heat resistant packaging. Therefore, it’s surprising that it partnered with TIPA, who was previously mentioned as creating packaging to increase the shelf life of food

However, TIPA has had some international success and has been fairly active in developing partnerships. Amcor may prefer TIPA’s technology and/or it may be looking to piggyback off TIPA’s international success. Either way, this partnership should be on the radar of other companies in the Biodegradable Packaging Patent Forecast® including Vericool, Zume, Nestle, and Procter & Gamble. This partnership could be a sign of a future US partnership, and with TIPA’s substantial funding and patent portfolio (as shown below), the partnership is primed for success.