HQS Begins Developing Patent Portfolio in an Already Crowded Field

In addition to developing hardware for quantum computers, innovators are constantly looking for ways in which quantum computing can be used to solve challenges with which classical computers struggle. One such challenge is modeling quantum systems, such as systems of molecules that behave in ways that are difficult for classical computers to predict. HQS is trying to enter this market, having its first application publish in late July 2021. However, HQS’ path is anything but easy.

On the same day that HQS had its application published, an application also published for IonQ, directed to using hybrid computers (combinations of both classical and quantum computers) to simulate molecular dynamics problems. IonQ isn’t alone, either, as Google, D-Wave Systems, and IBM all have patent assets directed to similar inventions. This news isn’t all bad for HQS, though. First, it signals that all of these companies know what molecular modeling will be an important use case of quantum computing. Plus, not all of these companies will likely have the resources to build their own robust system to implement these inventions. Therefore, if HQS builds an accurate and easily usable system for modeling molecules, it may have an easy out in being acquired by one of these companies, or one of their competitors.

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