VistaPak – Your Compostable Coffee Companion

VistaPak could be an excellent partner with some of the other participants in the biodegradable packaging industry. 2021 appears to be the year of coffee for the Biodegradable Packaging Patent Forecast® with some major activity including: (1) Blue Circle Packaging compostable coffee capsules, (2)  C-P Flexible Packaging launching a compostable coffee pod lidding film, and (3) Nexe Innovation launching its compostable coffee pods. This activity is promising for VistaPak Industries who had a patent application publish directed towards a biodegradable refreshment condiment system in late July 2021. Notably, this system is intended for coffee applications and includes sugar packets, sweetener, packers, stirring sticks, and napkins. Given the action this year already highlighted by Patent Forecast®, VistaPak should have plenty of partnership opportunities to expand its market impact. 

However, VistaPak may already have a partner in Diplomat Coffee. The inventor on the VistaPak application, Aaron Petersen, is the current President of Vistapak Industries and was the Managing Director of Diplomat Coffee from 2016-2019. Petersen isn’t the only member of Diplomat Coffee to change companies as Miguel Zorrilla, the current Coffee Packaging Plant Manager of VistaPak Industries, was the Director of Operations of Diplomat Coffee from 1998-2014. VistaPak and Diplomat Coffee may have some connections and Diplomat Coffee currently offers K-Cups so there appears to be an opportunity to combine the products offered by both companies.  

Interestingly, Diplomat Coffee does not have any patents of its own, so VistaPak industries should look to partner with a company that has patents for compostable coffee pods (e.g. NEXE innovation) to prevent another company from being a market blocker.  

Check out the Biodegradable Packaging Patent Forecast® to see what other compostable coffee companies are making moves.