Is Bose Reinvesting in Sleep Tech?

Bose has focused its consumer sleep technology on earbuds and other audio devices, which fits in with the company’s other products but which have not yet been widely adopted as sleep trackers. Nevertheless, Bose’s patent activity indicates that the company is moving ahead with more advanced earphone technology, including respiration training and nerve stimulation. Its most recent filing, published in early July 2021, covers biosignal detection and sleep regulation using noise control. Shortly after the application was published, the University of Colorado won a federal grant of $750k to study the impact of Bose Sleepbuds on military personnel, who are at increased risk of insomnia disorders. The University of Colorado also had a patent application publish in July 2021 for an in-ear biosensor for monitoring physiological signals, based on research from a mechanical engineering lab. These two technologies may complement each other for more advanced in-ear health tracking. If the Bose study is successful, the company may have a better angle for its future products, as well as the new features already proposed in its patent filings. Keep up with Patent Forecast® to stay ahead of developments in Consumer Sleep.