Kryo Goes Pro

Kryo, Inc has partnered with the Seattle Mariners and Cincinnati Reds to provide its ChiliSleep™ temperature-controlling sleep products, which include a mattress pad that can be controlled by a mobile app. The Seattle Mariners have been investing in technology-driven solutions to improve performance, working with K-Motion and being the first MLB team to partner with Oura for its smart rings. This partnership with Kryo is no exception. Kryo, which merged with Ebb Therapeutics in December 2020, has 13 patent assets in Consumer Sleep, including temperature-controlled articles as well as overall systems for stress reduction and sleep promotion. According to its patent data, Kryo is able to use sleep data to improve athletic recovery. This feature is especially important for pro athletes, who play long seasons with back-to-back games. Fatigue often impacts judgment and performance, and both the Mariners and the Reds are determined to combat those effects with Kryo products. Keep up with Kryo’s growth and others on the Consumer Sleep Patent Forecast®.