GW Pharmaceuticals’ Patent Assets Cover Treating Cancer with Cannabinoids

GW Pharmaceuticals has done a great job keeping everyone in the cannabis industry on their toes from its FDA drug approval to its recent acquisition by Jazz Pharmaceuticals. The latest buzz to come from GW is its recently granted patent for a method for treating multiple myeloma using THC and CBD. Specifically, a highly purified extract with cannabinoid concentrations greater than 98% of the total extract (w/w) along with a proteasome inhibitor is said to be “particularly effective in reducing cell viability and cell migration in this disease.” 

Sales of its existing FDA approved drug, Epidiolex, grew over 70% in 2020 with an approximate $526 million in total net product sales for 2020. GW Pharmaceuticals is well-equipped to make its pursuit of cancer treatments a reality. A blog about potential players in cancer treatments using cannabinoids is coming soon to the Cannabis Patent Forecast®.