BostonGene is Growing Quickly – How will Veracyte React?

BostonGene is a quickly growing biomedical software startup that uses its intelligent interactive platform to assist physicians in finding the most effective strategy for precision cancer therapy. This is done using the BostonGene Tumor Portrait TestsTM which analyzes key aspects of each tumor including immune microenvironment properties, actionable mutations, and biomarkers. This analysis is used to generate a personalized roadmap for each patient’s treatment.

The company currently has 9 patent assets in the AI Biotech Patent Forecast® since beginning to file in 2018. Among these assets are patents that teach generating therapy biomarker scores, systems for identifying cancer treatments from the biomarker scores, and systems for correctly characterizing cancers to select the most effective treatment. 

A couple weeks ago Patent Forecast highlighted leading molecular profiling company, Veracyte for its recent strategic acquisitions that complemented its current patent portfolio. Additionally, BostonGene is the only company in the molecular profiling area of the AI Biotech / Diagnostics sector that is beginning to catch up to Veracyte’s 24 patent assets. Therefore, as BostonGene continues to emerge as a new leader in molecular profiling and Veracyte continues to expand its diagnostic capabilities it may be interested in partnering with BostonGene. 

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