First True THCV Cultivars Patented by GenCann, LLC

GenCann, LLC, previously highlighted by Patent Forecast® in October 2020, was just granted three patents (its first patents to be granted) on June 29, 2021 for its primarily THCV cultivar cannabis plants named ‘V1’, ‘V2’, and ‘V3’. The coinciding three utility patent applications for the THCV cultivars remain under prosecution by GenCann’s law firm, Plant and Planet Law Firm located in San Diego, CA, and were filed about eight months later on August 8, 2020. These patents mark the first patented primarily THCV-containing cannabis plants in the U.S. While there isn’t much information on GenCann, we know that it is a cannabis company located in Laytonville, CA that now owns three cannabis plant patents and may have three more utility patents on the way.

All three cultivars (V1, V2, and V3) are unique by their increased production of THCV when compared to THC. The amount of THCV varies from plant to plant and is listed as being present in amounts of 4.27% and 3.76% in V1 and V2, respectively, while V3 was not specified exactly. The THCV:THC ratio is positive, moving away from the trend of primarily THC cannabis plants. The V3 cultivar is characterized as having strong disease resistance and being resistant to spider mites and powdery mildew which is a benefit any cultivator finds appealing. Whether these cultivars are being licensed to growing facilities remains unknown. THCV has been found to have wonderful medicinal qualities such as appetite suppression and up-regulating metabolism. GW Pharmaceuticals, makers of the first approved cannabis-based medication, Epidiolex, has shown some interest in the THCV cannabinoid, filing a patent application for using CBDV in combination with THCV to treat epilepsy. GW Pharmaceuticals does not own any cultivar patents, so it will need to source its cannabinoids from somewhere, making GenCann an attractive investment opportunity. More information on GenCann is needed for a true assessment of the value of its patent assets to GW Pharmaceuticals or any other company interested in THCV cultivars. Even cultivar patent leader Biotech Institute could take interest as it currently does not have a high THCV cultivar yet in its portfolio, but only as more information on GenCann surfaces. Is GenCann setting up to be the next Biotech Institute? 

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